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This transformational program is designed to help you create an upgraded, healthier and vibrant version of you from the inside out. Whether you are struggling with a chronic disease or unresolved medical issue, looking to lose weight, or want to look, feel or perform your absolute best, this program will help you completely transform your health and fall in love with your body again.

I will help you address the root causes of your current health issues and design a custom detoxification and nutritional plan specifically for your body.

"When in a meditative state during one of the sessions, Irina had me go down into the dark hole of my depression and helped me see a way out of this dark hole, After that session, I was able to gradually stop my depression medications...


I never thought I would be without antidepressants.  I have been on them for over 30 years and I am grateful to Irina for finally feeling good again."

~ Debbie M., Retail Store Associate, South Amboy, NJ

Increase Your Power and Create Magical World


The program includes individual private Energy Healing sessions, analysis of nine energy systems of the body, kinesiology energy tests, individualized energy balancing protocols, body’s biofield scan analysis, weight-stabilization protocol, customized detoxification and nutritional plan, checklists, charts, and personal worksheets.


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