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Our comprehensive Thyroid Healing programs are designed to help you create an upgraded, healthier and vibrant version of you from the inside out. Whether you are struggling with underachieving or overactive Thyroid or any other autoimmune illness, this program will help you completely transform your health and fall in love with your awesome body. 


It will help you address your underlined health challenges and design a customized detoxification and energetic plan for your body so you can have more energy, look 10 years younger, and feel amazing!

This Thyroid Healing Program integrates individual private sessions, which includes metabolic, food, and energetic assessment, detoxification, and nutritional protocols, comprehensive analysis of nine energy systems of the body, kinesiology (muscle energy testing), aromatherapy, customized energy balancing self-care tools, biofield therapy, reconnective healing, checklists, charts, and worksheets. 


You’ll free up all the money you may have spent on unnecessary, expensive medical procedures, wrong types of activities, and all the things you buy or do to ease the pain and frustration of not having the optimal Thyroid function and energy you need and want to thrive. 

“Working with Irina is restorative. I always feel so good the following day. My chocolate cravings disappeared, I sleep more deeply and experience a sense of calm and well-being. Drugs and needles are not needed to feel such a difference." 

~ Lisa White, NY City

Here’s What this Program Can Do for You:


  • After the food compatibility analysis, you will begin choosing healthy foods that supply your Thyroid with nutrients and energy so every cell of your body begins to function optimally.

  • You will have more energy, stamina, clear thinking, and complete control over your actions, thoughts, and food choices. 

  • You will cultivate feeling good 24/7 and connect with your body’s ultimate wisdom and experience pure pleasure from simply being alive.

  • You know exactly what causes your Thyroid waste its vital energy resources and age faster and how to optimize your energy resources so your organs serve you well.

  • You will learn how to jump-start your body’s energy production and metabolic systems to eliminate toxic waste so you can feel great and look younger.

  • You will create better health, clear skin, lean body, greater energy, and more happiness.

"If it wasn't for Irina and her knowledge, I would have continued to struggle with my weight for the rest of my life. 

With Irina's help, I have finally begun to release weight that I never thought I would lose, this is absolutely incredible for me!  Every time I step on the scale and the number is lower I am simply amazed. 


My believability factor had been so low before I started working with Irina.  I now have a plan that works for my body and is enjoyable.  I feel more confident in my body and I am no longer bound by the constraints that once held me so tightly bound."

~ Patty Lazzara, Professional Flutist, Mahwah, NJ

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