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Become the Person You Were Born to Be!

Achieve Personal Self-Mastery


Do you want to create the experiences you desire in your relationships, in your work or business, and in every aspect of your life?


Human Design makes self-mastery and business success available to you Now!


The newest self-awareness tool available, Human Design is based on your birth information and reveals your 'Design for Life', a visual map that illuminates your life in remarkable detail.


You'll learn the answers to questions you've pondered in your entire life. Knowing your design will allow you to act with confidence in every situation. Take the first step to know yourself by learning about Your Unique Success principles for creating an extraordinary life!


Dive into a life-changing view into your essential nature. Powerful and insightful in-depth Human Design sessions are scheduled one or two weeks apart to re-listen to session recordings in between and any time later.


Irina takes you through an extensive process of self-recognition and teaches you the keys to living your life successfully in all areas of life.


This knowledge may become one of the most important events of your lifetime as it helps you to discover your own unique gifts, and learn to live your life in a way that is more successful and fulfilling.


All Readings are recorded and the recordings are provided to you afterward as an .mp3 file so you can listen again, anytme.


By recognizing the ways in which you get distracted from your unique path, and by allowing Irina to give you insight and guide you to implement ways that are natural for you, you will achieve an effortless balance of recognizing how to live your life on your own terms.


You will:


  • Wake up to who you really are!

  • Experience a state of inner balance, where all things are possible in all areas of your life.

  • Understand the uniqueness of your own nature and other people.

  • Discover your natural gifts and talents.

  • Identfy your distinctive keys to a successful life.

  • Detect and release subconscious, self-sabotaging patterns that block your creative potential.

  • Discover what inspires you to be in loving and fulfilling relatonships.

  • Find ways to monetize your passions!

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Transform Your Life Forever  


In this private coaching program, Irina uses extensive knowledge and tools to go deeply into your core nature. Through her personal insights and profound experience with working with hundreds of clients, she will help you transform your life and shine doing what you love.


This program will help you:


  • Gain Clarity About the Role of Money and Finances


You will learn how to make confident decisions about allocation of your energy resources in order to grow a successful business and how to invest

into your future business growth.


  • Improve Physical Health And Wellness


Clients report that their health improves dramatically as they start living their design and spending more time doing what they are passionate about.

That's because they longer force themselves to perform in ways they are not meant to do. They find ways to leave a toxic environment and create a space where they thrive and create the life of their dreams. 

Irina created a powerful Passion Quiz that will help you identify your top passions and start monetizing them. You will become a magnet that attracts the right people and experiences into your life that resinate with unique frequncy of your inner-voice and your life's purpose.


  • Stabilize Emotional Wellness and Mental Health


Once the mental clutter is identified and removed, you will be able to see the motives behind your decisions and actions and experience the ability to act from a clear understanding of your own correct authority.


When the emotional stability is achieved, you will begin making correct decisions that benefit your personal and business growth. As a result, you will start attracting opportunities and abundance into your life which translates into financial abundance and PERSONAL FREEDOM. 

Program Components


  • (2) 60-minute private consultations per month (skype or phone) (Value: $500).

  • (2) recordings of each session in mp3 format (Value: $50).

  • At-home assignments and worksheets to help you start living your design today and start monetizing your passions (Value: $200).

  • "How to Monetize Your Passions" Workbook and Assessment Test developed by Irina that will help you become crystal clear on your top five passions and ways to utilize them so you can create a solid foundation and a business plan that supports your financial future.

  • “Master Your Emotions Toolkit” and a Workbook (Value: $350). This Toolkit will help you become aware of and let go of your fear of success, fear of failure, fear of rejection, and fear of judgment.

  • Human Design Partnership analysis (Value: $225). Do you want to know if your business or romantic partner is comparable with your energy type? This 60-minute private consultation and 15-page Compatibility Report all help you identify potential conflicts and challenges in your relationship and ways to remediate them. This will help you be prepared for the future "unanticipated surprises" and avoid potential disagreements and painful emotional situations. 

  • Customized worksheets, assessments and done-for-you templates designed by Irina Maryanchik that will help you stay on track with your goals keeping you focused on monetizing your natural talents and passions (Value: $280).

  • Unlimited email and text support. Which means when you feel stuck or simply need coaching or support, you can text or email Irina, and she will respond to you within 12 hours (Value: priceless).

Limited Time Bonuses


  • (3) 30-minute “I am in crisis!” calls to help you gracefully move through your most challenging obstacles without being caught in your emotional dilemmas (Value: 180).

  • Understanding Your Human Design Program Recording (Value: $299).

  • “How to Create a Passion Driven Business” Workbook (Value: $50). This work book is a step-by-step instructions on how to start making money doing what you love. After completing step-by-step exercises in this workbook, you will be able to start monetizing your gifts and talents right away and enjoy the benefits of your passion-driven business. 

  • Human Design Reading for the additional family member (Value: $220).

  • Monthly 2019 Activities Planner (Value: $300). This Planner incorporates planetary cycles to help you plan your future activities. It was designed to support you to remain true to yourself, your goals, and your vision, throughout the year. It's a powerful planetary guide that provides a calendar of the most productive and challenging days for every activity and goal you wish to achieve. You will have advance information and certainty about each month’s windows of opportunities to help you achieve the results you desire with ease.

       Total Bonuses Value: $1,049.00!


Your Investment into Yourself


  • One time payment: $1988 (SAVE $400).


  • Payment Plan Option: $ 398 per month for 6 months.


All payments are by credit card.



If you have questions or would like to speak to us, please call us at 732-623-9846, email us at or use THIS CONTACT FORM to submit your inquiries.  


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Ariel Gamboa Bumanlag, Co-founder of

"The information that Irina shared with me during my Human Design reading session was simply mind-blowing! For the first time in my life I was able to understand why I see things differently and why others can't see the way I see life... it's because I simply have the ability see through challenges as my 5 of 6 centers are open and activated.


I was able to find out how to be of service with others: family, relationships, friends, work, society and community in such a way that would be most beneficial for everyone involved. I was able to know why I love helping others and this session has helped me determine the most important reason why I came here on this planet – My Life's Purpose! 

Every single information shared was amazingly accurate. I was able to digest every aspect of what she shared because she provided simple, clear and realistic examples in the process. I would encourage everyone to get your Human Design reading with Irina – it's transformational, accurate and life-changing! Now I truly have “my guide” so I can live my life to the fullest!"


Ann Cowless, Owner of Ann's Quantum Astrology

The focus of our Human Design reading was on my natural style for being successful and effective and what success and effectiveness look like according to my chart.


Irina was explicit and focused and affirming, and I came away with some validations of my natural style (always a relief), but also some challenges - places where I need to step forward more courageously (which I needed to hear). I learned a lot and will keep referring back to this reading! I can see that having a series of readings to dig more deeply and to reinforce patterns I need to develop would be very helpful.


Irina's gifted interpretations of Human Design helped bring an overwhelming amount of information into a valuable and digestible package.

Every single information shared was amazingly accurate. I was able to digest every aspect of what she shared because she provided simple, clear and realistic examples in the process. I would encourage everyone to get your Human Design reading with Irina – it's transformational, accurate and life-changing! Now I truly have “my guide” so I can live my life to the fullest!"

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