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Sally Tennant, Creator of the Enlightenment Technique

I had Human Design done for myself and then decided to have a partnership analysis done for myself and my husband.  For me, Human Design is a way to understand who we are in physical form.  We are all souls on a journey and coming into physical form is not always easy.  Human Design has taken cultural and spiritual aspects of ancient and modern wisdom as well as science and the new science of quantum physics/mechanics and combined them so that a complete and very thorough reading of your make-up as a soul in human form can be done.

As a mind/body healer, I work with personality structure, limiting beliefs, trauma, phobias – basically interference patterns that get in our way of achieving our goals and coming into alignment with ourselves.
Human Design can show you where and why (because of your design) you may have difficulty in certain areas of your life and when you overcome these difficulties, what that will mean for you.  Human Design gives you information on what you are here to do – on many different levels.  Where you have strong energy and where you don’t – strengths and weaknesses.  So, you can build on your strengths and work on overcoming your weaknesses.  

The Human Design analysis was very affirming for me in that I could clearly see why I have been so challenged in some areas of my life and reinforced what I was here to do – to keep moving toward my goals.  “You’re on the right track”, so to speak.

The Partnership Analysis with Human Design was very enlightening.  It helped me to understand my husband in ways that hadn’t made any sense to me before.  “Oh, that’s why he does that!”  By knowing his design, I am now in a much better position to interact with him with understanding and love when our two designs may naturally clash.  And, how to accommodate his design when appropriate (and vice versa).  He can do the same for me.  The analysis, as in the Human Design I had done for myself, shows the strengths and weaknesses between the two of you and how you can use that information to grow your relationship, build on it and nurture it.

I would recommend Human Design to everyone interested in becoming more aware of themselves and what makes them “tick”.  

I would also recommend the Partnership Analysis to anyone who is either considering a business partnership or already has one.  Would definitely help with understanding and growth within the business.


Felicia G. - Public Affairs Professional, Millstone Township, NJ

I served as a caretaker for most of my life. For years I put others before myself and found myself frequently unhappy and exhausted. I continually searched for a way to find greater life balance and inner peace, without success. Occasionally I would compare myself and my life path to others, which would leave me feeling “less than”.


Through my discussions with Irina, I began the process of learning about my unique self. Irina helped me to understand my personality and the way in which I think. While I was aware of all the “puzzle pieces” (of who I am and where I’ve been), Irina helped me to put those pieces together, resulting in greater self-love and acceptance.


Working with Irina strengthened my spirituality and helped me to understand why life has evolved as it has…and that it’s all good. With her guidance, I learned strategies to deflect negative thoughts and developed an ability to view things from more positive, healthy perspective. I am more peaceful, mindful and appreciative of the present and hopeful and excited about the future.

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John Ratkoski, Financial Representative, Innovative Wealth Partners

I have always looked for ways to keep myself in good to very good shape. Unfortunately, I had surgery a year ago and I lost the drive to train on a daily basis. When I met Irina, I was near rock bottom, not exercising and putting the wrong foods into my body.


Irina shared with me her vast knowledge of human design and her ability as an energy healer. The Biofield Scan instrument that she uses measures the amount of energy that we have at the cellular level. I was astonished to see that my body was in poor shape and in need of repair. During our weekly healing sessions, she helped remove the bad energy and increase my good energy. Irina taught me multiple breathing and mental exercises that I continue to do on a daily basis to help repair my body. I am back in the gym, eating well, eliminated my hypertension medicine and getting back to peak performance.

Besides her fantastic work and knowledge of the human body, Irina is a caring and loving person drawing out the best in each one of her patients. Working with Irina exceeded all of my expectations. I cannot thank her enough!

Ariel Gamboa Bumanlag, Co-founder of

The information that Irina shared with me during my Human Design reading session was simply mind-blowing! For the first time in my life I was able to understand why I see things differently and why others can't see the way I see life... it's because I simply have the ability see through challenges as my 5 of 6 centers are open and activated. I was able to find out how to be of service with others: family, relationships, friends, work, society and community in such a way that would be most beneficial for everyone involved. I was able to know why I love helping others and this session has helped me determine the most important reason why I came here on this planet – My Life's Purpose! 

Every single information shared was amazingly accurate. I was able to digest every aspect of what she shared because she provided simple, clear and realistic examples in the process. I would encourage everyone to get your Human Design reading with Irina – it's transformational, accurate and life-changing! Now I truly have “my guide” so I can live my life to the fullest!


Patricia Lazzarra, Professional Flutist, Mahwah, NJ

I had come to the place in my life that I was sick and tired of being unhealthy, my weight was steadily climbing and I felt powerless and incredibly frustrated to help myself.  I prayed for a miracle and God appointed Irina to come into my life at that time.  Up to that point, all my efforts to release weight did nothing, from punishing exercise to deprivation.  I began to have serious health issues, was going through very stressful life situations, my empath self was taking on so much energy from other people and I was getting ill.  I had pain in my body from back injuries and my body was screaming for love and attention. 


I know that my connection to Irina was Divinely appointed for an amazing purpose.  I was guided to attend an open house at a spiritual center where Irina was presenting her work.  She spoke about all the topics that were on my heart and mind about health.  I felt an inner draw to work with her as I intuitively knew she could help me break through my blocks to better health and self-love.   


Her care and concern for her clients is so apparent.  Her complete knowledge of energy medicine, of food sensitivities, and she knew what medical tests for my doctor to order to show gluten intolerance and thyroid function.  If it wasn't for Irina and her knowledge I would have continued to struggle with my weight for the rest of my life.  She ordered tests that showed I was gluten intolerant, that I should not be eating dairy and to cut out sugar.  My metabolism was not functioning because there were issues with my thyroid medication. 


My doctor was not aware and didn't do necessary tests.  Irina suggested a different thyroid medication which my doctor was amenable to.  I began to see results right away.  I told my doctor I spent so many years hating my body, thinking I was doing something wrong, but instead it was because my thyroid was not functioning well and needed a different medication.  This information and testing is so necessary for women and many doctors are not aware or interested. We changed my food plan so that works for my body’s optimal functioning.  I was able to see results immediately!  I am at a point of power in my body which is very empowering! 


I am so grateful for my association with Irina!  With her expert advice and guidance, together we have transformed my life from that woman who hated her body, she listened to the intense critical self-talk, she constantly felt she was not good enough and didn’t do enough. 


At this moment, I am not recognizable from who I was 5 short months ago!  Now I feel empowered in my body, I am at Pure Choice!  I make good decisions about my food and my life for what is BEST for ME!  I love my body – we are a team living our best life!  I affirm every day – “I walk through my day with grace, joy and ease!”  My soul is filled with self-love, I make decisions from my Higher Self, my Goddess Self, all of my personae are integrated to accomplish my weight release and emotional health goals.   

With Irina's help, I have finally begun to release weight that I never thought I would lose, this is absolutely incredible for me!  Every time I step on the scale and the number is lower I am simply amazed.  My believability factor had been so low before I started working with Irina.  I now have a plan that works for my body and is enjoyable.  I feel more confident in my body and I am no longer bound by the constraints that once held me so tightly bound.


Learning about energy medicine with Irina has benefited the pain level in my body tremendously.    She taught me how to listen to the inner wisdom of my body, what was really good for her, to make better decisions that would nourish and support my health goals.   


Irina is a gifted intuitive, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, artistic, positive, trustworthy.  Her wisdom comes from the Divine as she is intimately connected with her spirituality.  I know all aspects of my life have been totally transformed by my work with Irina and I am so grateful for her assistance and guidance.  I would highly recommend her if you are looking to transform your body and change your inner mindset.  For true change to occur inside our minds and in our beautiful bodies, we must be willing and open for the miracles to happen!

Man in a photo

Danny Siegel, Actor, Princeton, NJ

Irina is a wonderful healer, as well as a warm and loving person. I couldn't be happier with the treatment I received from her. She goes many steps above the principals of energy medicine, while they are very helpful, she was able to fine-tune them to my specific needs in ways that are uniquely related to me and my mental and physical issues. 


I have worked with a few energy medicine practitioners, and Irina is by far my favorite of them. Her knowledge and ability to personalize the information has been invaluable to me. I have learned so much from her, and am able to utilize what she taught me on a daily basis. I recommend her highly, both for her healing knowledge and her very fine intuitive ability to recognize what a person needs to be healed.

Vanessa Rivera, Student ~ Newark, NJ

Unfortunately, life has sent my way tragic events and losses that made my journey more challenging than most. Energy Medicine has helped me physically, mentally and emotionally... It has changed my life for the better.


I used to be tired all the time and it was hard to find the energy to do chores and homework. Irina helped me get my motor running to the point that I have enough fuel to get through all my to-dos and even workout on a regular basis.


I use to have a hard time focusing and my brain always felt foggy, resulting in low grades. After I started working with Irina my mental focus has improved significantly and so have my grades, to the point where subjects that were a problem for me, like math, come easier and are not a struggle anymore. Dealing with my emotions was very painful and I found myself doing tons of emotional eating, which resulted in digestive problems.


Working with Irina helped me with my grieving process and even though I still love good food, I eat in moderation and the right things for me, resulting in better overall health. I am a living proof that Energy Medicine when administered by the right practitioner, can improve lives!


I am very grateful for how Irina has touched my life. She is a constant source of inspiration, guidance and fresh perspective. I am a new person because if Irina and Energy Medicine.

Rozaline M, Office Manager, Maplewood, NJ

My energy level was low, I was on an emotional roller-coaster and I was experiencing far too many physical issues. Having recently discovered energy medicine, I researched practitioners and chose Irina. From the moment we met, I knew Irina was my ticket to a healthier body and spirit.

Irina began the major part our work together by gently peeling away the layers to get to the source of my problems. She did this through energy-testing, clearing blocked energies, listening to my back story and asking questions. Irina was always compassionate and non-judgmental, so it was easy to open up. It was hard work and very emotional for me, but she didn’t back off.

A significant and surprising discovery was that my heart was closed off. Love and joy couldn’t flow in or out. Irina was able to dissolve the barrier. I feel alive again; my inner flame is burning brighter. My energy level is up; I smile more and I’m drawing more people into my life. My sessions are over, but I continue to do the energy medicine homework, plus several other exercises Irina suggested to keep my energies flowing. 

Irina is a gifted and intuitive spirit, who brings light and love to her healing practice. Her client is always her sole focus and her work isn’t complete until you feel better. I will continue to sing Irina’s praises to one and all, and will schedule future follow-up sessions to stay on track.

 Maria Rivera, HR Executive at Prudential, Newark, NJ

Irina has a positive outlook and ability to see the best in people, she exudes positive energy and this allows people to trust her. This is a great strength because it disarms people's barriers and personal walls allowing you to influence them in a positive way. In addition, she has a way of providing advice and recommendations that brings out the best in people.

Irina has a genuine desire to make a difference and a natural curiosity that is sincere. This strength allows her to touch and influence people's life in a positive way. 

She has an artistic ability, not only is she artistically inclined but she sees life through artist's eyes. She always has a way of seeing things in a way that is different than the average person or she might see things that are not obvious to others. This is a great strength because it allows her to provide others with insight that is fresh and new to them. 

Maria Fraga, Student, New York, NY 

Before working with Irina, I had been suffering from digestive problems, mental fogginess and lack of energy. Working with Irina has helped my body get back in balance and by the fourth session, my digestive issues started to subside.


My energy level went up and the mental fogginess cleared. Now, six sessions later, my digestive problems are completely gone and I feel better than I have in a long time. Irina is extremely knowledgeable, kind, approachable and a gifted healer. She makes one feel at ease and reassures us of the power we all have to help our bodies heal. She answered all of my questions and taught me exercises that I can do to keep my energies running smoothly. I have been doing them every day and feel the difference in my body.


I also feel much more clear-headed, calm and confident. The effects of the energy work can be felt in all aspects of life. I have recommended Irina to friends and family and will continue to recommend her. She is amazing!

Lila Prasad, Post Office Clerk, Clifton, NJ

Starting from the first session Irina welcomed me with open her arms and made me feel very comfortable. When she worked on me, she was always very gentle. During my sessions I saw a very bright light; that was an amazing experience!


Irina's suggestions and tips were very helpful to me. She answered all my questions and gave me a progress report with exercises and homework. After each session, I had a lot of questions and she spoke with me for 45 minutes answering all of them. I am doing energy medicine exercises she recommended and they have been en very helpful. Thank you so much!

Tim W., ~ Highland Park, NJ

When I came in to see Irina, in the beginning, I was a disaster.  The first year of graduate school, allegations of racism, the death of a father figure, a horribly antagonistic relationship, fibromyalgia, all coupled with being very sensitive to energy flows and my own issues of acceptance and such from my past made for a very delicate and noxious mix.  Irina couldn't touch any of the points on my body without me almost jumping through the roof.  


Within just a few sessions I was again functional, and then within a few months felt pretty good. I feel much stronger now than I did when I came to Irina, and much more able to handle my issues. Thank you Irina! 

Heidi Rome, Mom's Spectrum Oasis, Livingston, NJ

Let me admit that I had never had an expectation to be working with an energy healer.  Honestly, I went to see Irina initially because I was intrigued by her offer of a complimentary BioScan.  I was open to the idea of functional medicine and was interested in the BioScan ability to measure the energetic output (in joules) of the body's various systems.  I knew I was always exhausted, always struggling to maintain a cheerful disposition, always anticipating when I could nap and recover next.  


Irina was truly born to be a healer, with a natural empathy, gentle touch, soothing demeanor, an uncanny ability to ask the right question at the right moment, and an extraordinary number of scientific and spiritual tools at her disposal to address the need at hand.  She has extraordinary talent and skill, and yet has also made me, her full partner, in moving me toward wellness.  My body's energy is already vastly improved (it had been scary low overall in the beginning), my heart and mind are lighter, and we continue to explore and progress.  Irina has been a true angel for health and healing in my life.

Debbie M., Retail Store Associate, South Amboy, NJ

The Biofield scan indicated there was an issue with my thyroid. I have been following up on this issue and it appeared there was a problem and my physician wanted to do further testing. If I didn't get the Biofield scan, I would not have followed up on this problem!


Also, when in a meditative state during one of the sessions, Irina had me go down into the dark hole of my depression and helped me see a way out of this dark hole, After that session, I was able to gradually stop my depression medications.


Irina services far exceeded my expectations. I didn't really know what to expect so I came in with an open mind. I never thought I would be without antidepressants.  I have been on them for over 30 years and I am grateful to Irina for finally feeling good again.

Erik Salkin, Musician, Freehold, NJ 

I attended a workshop developed by Irina through the Monmouth County Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, June 5th. It was quite informative, inspirational, and allowed us to look inside ourselves and revisit our skills, passions, the difference between those two things and how to make money doing something we are most passionate about.

Through a series of clever question-answer moments, worksheets, introspection, and sharing stories about ourselves, Irina guided us through a formula she has developed to get us in touch with what truly inspires us, reminding us how easy it is to get "trapped" in the day to  day drudgery doing something we really are not passionate about and how this also affects our health, quality of life, and our relationships with those around us.
Irina has led quite an interesting life herself and has done a lot of brilliant work in several fields. She offers workshops on a variety of topics all of which are aimed at improving quality of life and taking your business to the next level while at the same time doing something that we are truly passionate about.


I would highly recommend people to attend Irina's workshop (or two or three). I really enjoyed the two hours that seemed like just a few minutes and was reminded of the saying "If you really love what you do you never have to go to work a day in your life!" ​

Jeffrey Roniger, IT Developer, Long Island, NY

Thanks to Irina I've discovered additional passions. Informed by her exhaustive knowledge, this course is a solid business value. I now have a clear, passion-based business action plan.

Irina’s program is life changing! You will learn so much about yourself. You will dig down deep to find your passion. And you will start living in your passions and gifts. The last workshop was absolutely amazing! It gives you focus and clarity and reminds you that we all have gifts and we need to share them with others. I highly recommend to take this program, it will help you will learn and grow yourself and your business.



This program has been a tremendous impact on my life. As far as I can see, 2018 will be a phenomenal year for me, not only professionally, but also romantically, self-development, and feeling more confident about myself. After participating in this course, I now truly have faith that I can live my life on my own terms! 

I attended the program with the notion that I would likely be re-introduced to information that I had already known and learned in similar workshops. I have never been so happy to be so wrong! Living Life on Your Own Terms truly takes personal growth and development to levels I have never experienced. It was a life changer for me! Specifically, using the techniques learned in these sessions, I was able to discover my passion, transform fears, and create a life plan that now guides my thought process in ways that ensure I am always living in my passion. Moreover, I am now applying what I have learned to monetize my passion and talents! 

I highly recommend you attend if you find yourself searching for your path and want to begin Living Life on Your Own Term!  

I enjoyed this so much. It was eye-opening. I realized so much about myself through the weeks. I know what I am passionate about and I learned all about fears. This was most valuable. I have decided to JUMP and face my fears. I am handing in my notice and following my two passions: massage therapy and Real Estate. This program was the best decision. I would highly recommend this program. It not only helped me in work decisions but also helped me in my personal relationships. 


I am a holistic health professional starting my own business and this program provided so much for me to build off. I recommend this program to anybody who is not only looking to create their own business, or grow spiritually or grow as a human being, or just learn about the world we live in. You hear from different people with different perspectives, this is simply awesome. I’d recommend this to anybody who wants to improve their lives and live life on their own terms. 

I decided to take this class because I wanted to get clarity on what I want to create in 2018. The insight and clarity I gained around my passions, talents, and skills went way beyond my wildest expectations. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to grow and flourish in their business and personal life. 



I am an attorney and I was invited to this program by Irina I am a lower and I am skeptical, but I have to tell you, this is good! This program made me think about a lot of things and I am trying to follow through. 

More Testimonials. . .

~ Terese Messina Rölke, Financial Planner

~ Jaimie Diaz, Financial Services Specialist 

~ Bernice Lopez, AVP Business Development, President of Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce

~ Antonietta Carbone, Real Estate Agent

~ Christopher Rölke, Ayurvedic Practitioner

~ Lorraine Smith, Human Relations Specialist

~ Paul Appel, Attorney 


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