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  • Do you define your purpose, meaning, and direction based upon your desires, interests, and ambitions?

  • Do you try to create your own circumstances and design your future goals around them?

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This is the biggest mistake most people make, which causes a deep dissatisfaction with their lives.


They neglect to understand that they are a part of a greater world, of which their world is a small part.


The world you were born to is NOT SELF-CREATED. It was offered to you by your spiritual family beyond this world.


Your mission has been defined before you were born. You have a DESTINY and SPECIFIC WORK to do here!


Perhaps you have felt this destiny - a sense of calling, or a sense of direction. Perhaps you have felt this voice in moments of introspection, when you asked yourself a question, “Why am I really here?”


You may have realized that any further attempt to define your life based upon your interests or your desires would lead you to a dead-end.


You have come to serve the world in its current state of affairs. This world represents your scope of work and a stage where you must act in your current human form.


The world calls upon you, and you call upon the world, for you are in a relationship with the world without realizing this relationship.


This is the world that you have come to serve. This is your setting for expressing your highest purpose, a purpose which transcends your fears, your upbringing, your desires, your ambitions, your occupations, and your formal education.


You were born at this time to serve a SPECIFIC PURPOSE. 


But you may not yet realize it fully.


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When you realize your Design, you will recognize your Designer, and you will come to appreciate a greater harmony that exists in the Universe. You will be able to see a bigger picture that is unseen by many. At that moment of inner truth, all your past traumas and suffering will disappear.


You are a part of a greater tapestry of life right at this space and time, at this moment, and in these circumstances.


But the tapestry is changing quickly and you must learn how to adapt in order to evolve with the new cycle of evolution.


You have many limitations in this physical world. However, the Spirit within you has PROFOUND KNOWLEDGE that wants to express its wisdom and its purpose through YOU and through the circumstances that you face in your everyday life.


You were sent here to serve the world, but you must know a SECRET CODE HIDDEN WITHIN YOU.


You cannot gain access to this code on your own. It will reveal itself incrementally as you set your intention to get to know yourself and gain contact with those people whom you are destined to meet and who share your vision and purpose. It will reveal itself as you learn about who you are and realize your relationship with others.


While dramatic challenges continue to become more and more evident, you must recognize that the past theories and “fixes” no longer work. The rules have changed, and you are moving into a completely new period of evolution. 


We are in an Age of Global Transformation!


As you watch changes happening all around you, your long-held beliefs are falling apart, your old attitudes on religion, politics, finances, work and personal identity are shifting.


You have two choices:


To be a silent observer...


OR, To become a Change-Maker in this time of RADICAL CHANGE. 

  • Do you feel called to be a leader in these rapidly changing times?


  • Do you want to bring transformation into your life and into the lives of those searching for a greater meaning? 

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But before you step into this leadership role, you must recognize, accept, and love your own uniqueness, gifts, and abilities.


It will help you to develop an intelligent appreciation of the cooperation and co-creation that is possible as the world transforms into higher consciousness.


Do you want to be of greater service during this transformational time?




HDMC (Advanced Level) is designed to teach you advanced elements of the Human Design System and human differentiation so you can be ahead of time and well prepared for the upcoming changes in the world!


This 9-month course is the next step in becoming proficient with your knowledge of Human Design and Gene Keys. In this course, you will experience deep immersion in which you will get personal, practical guidance as you walk through the stages of understanding the mechanics of the human design system and human genetic programming.


The HDAC is a comprehensive training program with monthly virtual subject videos and live classes that will give you the solutions to maximizing your personal freedom and uplevel all aspects of your personal and professional life as well as the lives of those around you.


With the HDAC, you can tailor the classroom experience to your own schedule, get the benefit of Irina's personalized coaching and reap the rewards of this success tool without missing a beat.


The course provides a comprehensive step-by-step training resource designed to build your skills and confidence in understanding the Bodygraph, Energy Centers, Channels, Circuits, Profiles, Gates, Keynotes, as well as Shadows, Gifts, and Siddhis.

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A deep dive into the world of Human Design will facilitate an intense shift in your process of de-conditioning, leading to developing clarity, insight, inner-direction, and freedom in all aspects of your life!

Here’s what you will get when you say YES to this program:


  • Become aware of the nature of Human Design as a powerful system for getting break-through results.

  • Discover how to live your life with intention by working with your natural energies as they unfold in your life.

  • Receive a comprehensive plan for the current and future opportunity days so you can plan ahead and get the best results from your intentions, actions and choices in professional and your relationships.

  • Learn hexagram lines and their keynotes.

  • Learn about Circuits and Streams of Energy: Tribal, Collective, Individual, Ego, Defense, Understanding, Sensing. 

  • Learn how to offer energetic solutions to the dilemmas contained within your chart and charts of people in your life.

  • Learn about 64 Gates in the chart and their lines, starting with the lines in your own chart (with tips on how to read the Rave I’Ching).

  • Understand the Spectrum of Conciseness for each of the 64 gates in your chart and learn ways to manage the most difficult karmic lessons.

  • Learn about the energetic priorities and hidden in the Hexagram of your chart.

  • Develop the art of combining individual elements of a chart together in order to create a person's energetic profile.

  • Learn ways to distinguish your True-Self from your Not-Self and learn ways to use this new awareness in your life.

  • Integrate leftness (Spleen) and rightness (Solar Plexus) for the purpose of realizing your full potential and help others do the same.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the open and defined energy centers and how they impact your decision-making process.

  • Learn how to tell a story of a person's life by discovering synchronistic cooperation of various elements in his/her design.

  • Participate in practice sessions with other students in the class to blend their design dynamics and personal theme.

  • Learn and integrate the knowledge of the Human Design System, I-Ching, and Gene Keys in an empowered way.

  • Receive personalized coaching and assignments to begin the human design experiment that facilitates the de-conditioning process.

  • Gain a deeper level of knowledge of the opportunities available to you so you can know EXACTLY when to start a new job, a new project, or a business.


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My goal is to focus on building a well-organized support system and the ability to bring personal transformation into your life through living your Human Design experiment.


This program will support you in fully empowering yourself, your family and friends, as well as your clients based upon your own authentic experience.


HDAC is a nine-month program consisting of 27 classes: one live subject class, one online class, and one Q/A class each month. It includes online presentations by the Irina, demonstrations, and practice in class, self-study materials, and targeted assignments to help you raise your vibration.


At the end of this Training Course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Healing Globe LLC. You will be able to use this knowledge to empower yourself, your clients, and your family members.


Underneath it all, I felt her big, open heart and her own knowledge of how this could really help me live a more balanced life. One where I’m more at peace within myself. And out of that, where I can step fully into the role that a Reflector is here to play for others. 
One huge insight was that I thought I had a fear of being visible. And I could see how much I’d played small in my life. Turns out, a Reflector is afraid of being Invisible! We so often become the thing we fear the most. That was a huge opening for me.
Thank you Irina for waking me up to a new awareness about who I am and what my true potential is. 
~ Linda Kaun, Inner Leadership Coaching
"Irina helped me understand my own power of being a Reflector – the most uncommon of all the Human Design types. The Human Design system is very deep and there’s a lot of information to grasp. She broke down the teachings into bite-sized pieces to take it step by step. Then guided me to see how it actually applied in my life through self-reflection exercises. 





  • Every first Monday of the month you will receive a virtual training link.

  • Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM EST.




  • Q/A Calls are scheduled for every second Monday of the month.

  • Time8:00 – 9:00 PM EST.




  • Human Design Mastermind meets every fourth Sunday of each month, 2:00 – 4 PM EST.

  • Time: 2:00 – 4:00 PM EST. 


  • Group Mastermind Location: 22 Village Ct., Hazlet, NJ.



  • Virtual Classes will take place in the interactive online classroom platform ZOOM.


  • Video and audio recordings of each virtual and live training will be available in the online Members' Portal and Private Facebook Group. 

  • If you live far away from the meeting location, you are welcome to participate remotely using Zoom or any other virtual meeting platform. 


Are you ready to transform a victim into a warrior?

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  • Alternatively, the previous study in the Human Design System with basic understanding of the Human Design System principles.



(Expires at 11:59 PM on Monday, February 17)


BONUS 1:  Human Design Beginners' Guide (Valued $25).

This is your Reference PRF Handbook, which explains in detail: 


  • What is Human Design and how to start living your design

  • Nine Energy Centers and their themes

  • Human Design Planets and their influences on the human body

  • Conscious and Unconscious activations in the chart

  • Four energy types and their strategies

BONUS 2: Monthly Activities Planner for the Entire 2020! (Valued $250).

  • Monthly 2020 Activities Planner incorporates planetary cycles to help you plan your future activities.

  • This Monthly Activities Planner, along with Human Design Mastery Program was designed to support you to remain true to yourself, your goals, and your vision, throughout the year.

  • This Guide provides a calendar of the most productive and challenging days for every activity and goal you wish to achieve.

  • You will have advance information and certainty about each month’s windows of opportunities to help you achieve the results you desire with ease.

  • You will know exactly when to have a romantic date, when to sign a contract, when to launch a new program, and when to take a break from your busy life.

  • You will receive this Monthly Activities Planner as soon as you register for the Human Design Mastery Program. 

BONUS 3: SAVE up to $1800.

Depending on which membership level you chose, enjoy up to $1800 in savings when register by February 17.


  • Explorer Level Membership: Register by February 17 and Save $630.

  • Visionary Level Membership: Register by February 17 and Save $900.

  • Mastery Level Membership: Register by February 17 and Save $1800.



Understanding Your Human Design Course is a recording of the Live 6-module Program that provides the tools to maximizing success in all aspects of your personal and professional life, as well as the lives of those around you, all on your own time. Click HERE for more information. You will receive the entire course as your Free Gift when register by February 17.


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Bonuses Total Value: $2300!

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Calculate Savings

Option 1 - Explorer Membership


  • Regular Fee: $198 per month 

  • Or Full payment option: $1,286 (Save $100)


Visionary Membership Includes:


  1. Seven (7) Subject Live Training Videos covering the topics described above.

  2. Seven (7)Q/A Calls to answer your burning questions and to give you real-time feedback throughout your learning.

  3. Seven (7) Live action packed Mastermind meetings.

  4. Seven (7) Downloadable Videos with a PDF Workbook and study guide (available online in the Private Member Portal).

  5. All Class Resources, Handouts, and Self-study Guides

  6. Private Facebook Group Access.

  7. Private Membership Portal Access.


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Option 2 - Visionary Membership


  • Regular Fee: $498 per month 

  • Or Full payment option: $2,290 (Save $200)


Visionary Membership Includes:


  1. Seven (7) Subject Live Training Videos covering the topics described above.

  2. Seven (7) Q/A Calls to answer your burning questions and to give you real-time feedback throughout your learning.

  3. Seven (7) Live action packed Mastermind meetings.

  4. Seven (7) Downloadable Videos with a PDF Workbook and study guide (available online in the Private Member Portal).

  5. All Class Resources, Handouts, and Self-study Guides

  6. Private Facebook Group Access.

  7. Private Membership Portal Access.

  8. Monthly 60-minute private phone consultations with Irina Maryanchik, EHH-MA, EEM-CP, PLT  (Value: $1,250).

Each consultation will support you in setting your monthly intentions and brainstorming business ideas, as well as effectively address challenges and prioritize your actions and decisions.

It will help you achieve the results you desire and give you the confidence to be the force that brings a revolutionary change in your life. Each call is recorded and available for download.


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Option 3 - Mastery Membership


  • Regular fee: $697 per month 

  • Or Full payment option: $3185 (Save $300)


Mastery Membership Includes:


  1. Nine (9) Subject Live Training Videos covering the topics described above.

  2. Nine (9) Q/A Calls to answer your burning questions and to give you real-time feedback throughout your learning.

  3. Nine (9) Live Classes at the Spiritual Beauty Center, 130 Bay Ave, Highlands NJ.

  4. Nine (9) Downloadable Videos with a PDF Workbook and study guide (available online in the Private Member Portal).

  5. All Class Resources, Handouts, and Self-study Guides

  6. Private Facebook Group Access.

  7. Private Membership Portal Access.

  8. Monthly 60-minute private phone consultations with Irina Maryanchijk, EHH-MA, EEM-CP, PLT  (Value: $1,250). Each consultation will support you in setting your monthly intentions and brainstorming business ideas, as well as effectively address challenges and prioritize your actions and decisions. It will help you achieve the results you desire and give you the confidence to be the force that brings a revolutionary change in your life. Each call is recorded and available for download.

  9. Monthly in-office private energy balancing sessions with Irina Maryanchik at the Matawan office location: 1008 Rt-34 Matawan, NJ 07747. (Value: $2,250). 

During each private session, you will experience a revolutionary technology developed in Russia called Biofield Scan.

This technology involves measuring and analyzing your body's current energetic state, including physical organs and systems, nervous system, circulatory system, muscular system, immune system, personal biorhythm, emotional balance, and chakra alignment.

Each session includes 21-Page Biofield Scan Report showing your body's energy distribution as well as lifestyle /dietary recommendations on how to manage your body's energy more efficiently in order to increase longevity and wellbeing.


After each Bio-Scan you will also receive a binaural music file in MP3 format, which helps to balance subtle energy fields and stabilize reactive emotions that may be disturbing.


You will also receive a personalized lifestyle and dietary recommendations based on your human design definition.


To learn more about Biofield Scan, visit THIS PAGE.


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Option 4 - Study Body Membership


It's so much easier to learn when you share your insights and revelations, and knowledge with other people!


Invite a friend or a family member to learn and integrate human design knowledge with you and enjoy the benefits of gaining your wisdom and experience together. Our students had profound learning and realizations when they have someone who can support them in their studies.    


Both, you and your partner will receive 20% OFF. Contact us to enroll to this option.



Teenage Students
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"Irina was able to explain very clearly and with such care what Human Design is and what it means for me. She has given me such great insight as to who I am designed to be and where my challenges and where my gifts are. 

This information will help me in my growth and has given me a lot to think about as to where I want to direct my energy to and where my learning areas are. 

Irina is kind in her delivery which is so important with the information she shares. My only wish is that I wish I would have taken this session with her sooner. Because this information is so important for everybody to know. 

I know she teaches classes in Human Design as well and I am excited to join her in the future there. I cannot recommend Irina highly enough."


~ Joyce Virani, Professional Model,

QIGONG Teacher 

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 7.45.24 PM_edi

"Irina shared with me her vast knowledge of the Human Design System and her ability as an energy healer. 

I am back in the gym, eating well, eliminated my hypertension medicine and getting back to peak performance.

Besides her fantastic work and knowledge of the human body, Irina is a caring and loving person drawing out the best in each one of her patients.

Working with Irina exceeded all of my expectations. I cannot thank her enough!"

~ John Ratkoski, Financial Representative, Innovative Wealth Partners

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"I attended the program with the notion that I would likely be reintroduced to information that I had already known and learned in similar workshops. I have never been so happy to be so wrong! It was a life changer for me! Specifically, using the techniques learned in these classes, I was able to discover my passion, transform fears, and create a life plan that now guides my thought process in ways that ensure I am always living in my passion. 

Moreover, I am now applying what I have learned to monetize my passion and talents! 
I cannot thank Irina and Cliff enough for the positive impact their workshops continue to have on my life! I highly recommend you attend if you find yourself searching for your path and want to begin Living Life on Your Own Term!”  

~ Bernice Lopez, AVP Business Development at Grand Bank, President of Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce




Irina Maryanchik is a change catalyst, Human Design Analyst, Human Biofield Specialist. and Past Life Therapist. She works with people who seek a deeper meaning in life and want to utilize their full potential.  She helps them rebuild their health so they can live their lives on their terms. She loves to work with joy, passion, purpose, and fulfillment - and she still wants to pay the bills!  


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She is a corporate escapee who survived the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine and healed her own autoimmune illnesses using Energy Medicine and the Human Design System.


Through her workshops and services, she is looking forward to helping people who want to achieve their dreams. Irina's been an athlete, fashion designer, technical analyst, project manager, Human Design analyst, Bioelectrography specialist, yoga instructor, leadership coach, change catalyst and a wide range of other roles working at large corporations and not-for-profit organizations. 


She is also an artist and creative entrepreneur. She has set up businesses for herself and reinvented her working life multiple times in the search for fulfillment and she's happy to say she's found it. Equally satisfying to her is that she's been able to share the knowledge she has gained. Over the years she has helped hundreds of clients and students from diverse backgrounds and circumstances find or create work they love, and to enjoy their lives.

    Human Design Mastery Course (HDMC) focuses on bringing transformation into the lives of those searching for greater meaning and purpose. The HDMC was created to support the evolution of consciousness and alter the future for individuals, groups and the collective, through alignment to a higher stage in our evolution. It can bring wellness and prosperity through the gentle release of the tensions that keep us bound by fear and isolation.
    HDMC is a nine-month program consisting of 27 classes: one face-to-face 2-hour group class per month, one online class per month, and one virtual Q/A call each month. It includes online video presentations of the material, live lectures, practice sessions, self-study materials, and targeted practices and tools for personal transformation and self-healing. Each class combines a particular focus for the week with an accompanying theme. For example, students will focus on the domain of the emotions and on building personal power. They will have an assignment with the theme of the class and will also, we suggest, read and contemplate on specific energy center/gate activated in their charts. Each month students meet in person to share their personal experience of their Human Design experiment. Each class will be recorded and available for download. At the end of this Training Course, each student will receive a Certificate of Completion. Students will be able to apply the knowledge obtained in this program to transform and empower themselves, their family members and their clients.
    Seven months are required to complete all the material and assignments in the course. Students may also request an initial pre-course logistics meeting and materials to prepare themselves. They may also meet in post-course meetings to decide if and how they may wish to continue using this knowledge in their personal and professional life.
    While the HDMC works through individual awakening, its essence lies in its greater capacity for small group and collective awakening, through deep listening and sharing. We’ve tested the HDMC in different settings, face-to-face and online, and feedback always reveals that group meetings are essential for personal achievement. We strongly encourage you to attend each live class during all nine months of your HDMC and an hour and a half online time is recommended. This gives a comfortable and relaxed time together to check in and address any questions and attune to each other. It gives each student a chance to ‘pick up the talking stick’ and share their personal experience of the week just passed. Commitment is to the HDMC as well as to oneself. The HDMC is meant to be studied as a part of the flow of everyday life. Yet allowing a disciplined level of attention to the particular focus and study materials provided each week is important, to enable individuals and a group to realize higher levels of awareness, healing, and karmic clearing. It’s important to consider your time and availability for HDMC before signing up. You will be making a commitment to yourself as well as to your group. We recommend the following: Find personal time to watch the HDMC video recordings and/or listen to audio recordings plus read and contemplate the relevant material and assignments. Make time each day for personal contemplation about the content for the week. Notice as you go about your activities where the HDMC is illuminating patterns and events in your daily life. Meet online or face-to-face with your group once a month for nine months, on a scheduled day and time. This means nine face-to-face meetings all together over the course of the nine months, nine virtual subject video recordings, and nine virtual Q/A meetings. Virtual meeting time is 60 minutes, and live class time is 120 minutes. It is important to consider this before signing up as you’ll be making a commitment to yourself and the whole class, and it has a noticeable impact on everyone as well as the collective if one person can’t make it for all the team meetings. If you are not ready to make this commitment at present, it would be better to wait until you can free up the time to commit fully. We hear consistently from program participants that connecting with their group acts as a discipline and vital support in deepening what might otherwise be a solitary personal learning experience. Individual contemplation, student connection, and group sharing influence one another profoundly.
    Our experience is that the Human Design Mastery Course insistently helps people to know themselves more deeply and to understand better their effect upon others in relationship. Through such self-knowledge, the HDMC can usher fulfillment and prosperity into your life. There is gentle magic in the HDMC, which goes far beyond the personal. You will find yourself both supporting and supported by a collective raising of consciousness. By participating in this course, you are altering your own future! You are aligning yourself to a higher stage in your own evolution, which can only bring you increased health and wealth at all levels of your life. Is HDMC suitable for me? It is suitable for anyone whose intuition says ‘yes’ to this question and who is also ready to join and become fully committed to a small team and collective process.
    Online meetings can seem awkward until you get familiar with them. More and more people are using an online connection to connect with family and friends. We use a simple platform called ZOOM meeting room technology, to bring people together across continents. You can sign up online free to a Zoom account today and see it on your own. Perhaps you can ask a family member or a friend to experiment with you. For HCMC program online experience before signing up, you might want to try connecting with us using ZOOM for a 10-minute orientation meeting before the program starts. You’ll receive a friendly welcome email from our team ready to help you with Zoom. With practice, online meetings can be fun and a great learning tool, as well as a way to make new friends around the world.
    Yes you can! The HDMC experience exists in its own right with its nine associated modules and course materials. Completing the basic level of Human Design, "Understanding Human Design" program, will enrich and reinforce your experience with the HDMC. It will serve as an introduction to a deeper HDMC journey. If you feel strongly called to the HDMC, start from wherever you are.
    he HDMC course is a membership-based program with 3 different membership levels. Depending on your level of personal growth and human design experience, choose an option that works best for you. The cost for the Explorer Membership Level is $169 per month for nine months. The full payment option allows you to save $95. The cost for the Visionary Membership Level is $297 per month for nine months. The full payment option allows you to save $200. The cost for the Mastery Membership Level is $697 per month for nine months. The full payment option saves you $500. If you want to discuss additional payment options, please contact us: for more information.
    Yes. Because HDMC is an intermidiate level program, you need to understand the basic concepts of the Human Design System. Current enrollment in, or previous completion of the Human Design Introductory Class is required. Alternatively, the previous study in the Human Design System with an understanding of all the topics included in the Understanding Your Design Course. If you don't have previous knowledge of Human Design and desire to register for this course, you will be required to watch a recording of the "Understand Human Design" Live Training Program. Please contact us for more information:
    Select the appropriate level of membership and click the Register button to enroll in the HDMC experience. Upon checkout, you will be registered for your 9 Month Experience and given access to the HDMC Materials. You will then be emailed directly once your registration is processed.


It's highly recommended that you have your Human Design Chart with you at the class. Please print it and with you or have it available digitally during this class. You can order your FREE HUMAN DESIGN CHART HERE.



If you have questions or would like to speak to us, please call us at 732-623-9846, email us at or use THIS CONTACT FORM to submit your inquiry.  

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