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Master of Integrative Health and Healing

Master's Degree program from the Graduate Institute .

Hartford Hospital, Department of Integrative Medicine (Bethany, CT - US).

Course studies completed

  - Adopting Integrative Care in Clinical Environment

  - Classical Homeopathic Medicine

  - Art and Science of Eating

  - Philosophy and Practice of Ayurvedic Medicine

  - Philosophy, Principles, and Practice of Naturopathic Medicine

  - Philosophy and Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  - Expressive Art Therapy

  - Ayurvedic Medicine

  - Energy Body, the Chakra System, Dowsing, and Shamanism

  - Health of the Human Spirit - Holistic Stress Management

  - Feldenkrais Method

  - Diet and Nutrition

  - Music Therapy

  - Active Dreaming for Health and Healing

  - Cymatics and Cymatherapy: Principles and Practice of Vibrational Healing

  - Bowen Therapy


Eden Energy Medicine 

Graduate of a 2-year Certified Practitioner Program taught by Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Ph.D (Innersource, Phoenix, AZ - USA).

Courses studies completed:

  - Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEM-CP)

  - Teaching Eden Energy Medicine Program Training Program (TEEM)

  - Approved instructor for EM101/EM102 classes

  - TEEM Foundation Program


Reconnective Healing®

Completed Levels 1 and 2.

Certification Programs in taught by Dr.Eric Pearl (Miami, FL - USA)



Past Life Integration Therapy 

Basic and Advanced Certification Programs taught by Morris Netherton, Ph.D

(Holos Institute of Health in Fair Grove, MO - USA).

Institute was founded and directed by Dr. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD.


Advanced Kinesiology

AKTI 100 Course Certification Program taught by Virgine Vandevoorde. (International Kinesiology Training Institute).


Landmark Forum and Advanced Course

Graduate of Landmark Basic and Advanced Course

(Landmark Education – New York, NY - USA).


Integral Yoga

Completed 200 hours of Teacher Training Certification Program with Prema Spozdial. (Integral Yoga Center of Highland Park, NJ, USA)


Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®)

Basic Level Training with Mary Armstrong.



Bioelectrography & Biofield 

Basic and Advanced Training Levels with Dr. Konstanton Korotkov and Dr.Krishna Madappa. (Santa Fe, NM - USA).


Human Design - Living Your Design

Course taught by Carol Zimmerman. 

(International School of Human Design, USA).


Human Design - Rave’s ABCs 

Course taught by Carol Zimmerman. 

(International School of Human Design - USA).


Human Design - Rave’s Cartography

Course taught by Jakub Stritezsky. 

(Human Design America - USA).

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