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Past Life Therapy is about helping transform the old you - your bad habits, your negative tendencies, your helplessness, into someone who is in control of his/her life, thoughts, and emotions through self-discovery.


When we are frustrated, we either keep trying to resolve the problem or just give up. If it’s the latter, we try to cover all the negative feelings, thoughts, and sensations by drowning them out with excessive activities so that we will have at least a temporary sense of security that everything is OK. 


We overeat, consume too much alcohol, find an escape in sex, and resort to abusive drugs to distract our minds from this internal confusion.


But until we truly understand the source of these negative emotions, we will always feel empty, unsettled, and a ticking time bomb inside. Life is meant to be enjoyed but these disturbances will cause you to fall into the same mistakes and make bad decisions that affect your personal life, career, and relationships.


Stressors can change our blood pressure, body temperature, and influence our emotions. If our prenatal life was not ideal (our mother was ill, which affected the blood flow that brought nutrients to our prenatal stage, or she was always stressed (which affected her metabolism, etc.) then you most likely were also uncomfortable inside, too.


Past Life includes experiences that took place in your childhood but they were just so bad that our instinct is to just forget them and keep them quite tightly in your subconscious mind.


There have been so many events in our lives – big and small. How do we pinpoint exactly what is bringing all these unexplainable trauma? Past Life Therapy, also known as the Netherton Method of Past Life Integration, will guide you through a journey of self-discovery.


You won’t need drugs to do this and hurt yourself in the process, or be hypnotized to travel back in your life, or rely on other people to tell you what to do. Instead, while being fully conscious, this therapy will help you tap your own powerful mind to trace the source of your traumas.


What’s more, it is also your own consciousness which will tell you what it is you need to do in order to overcome your traumas. All this time that we’ve been seeking for an answer, the solution has been in our heads! How is that even possible, you ask?


Unbeknownst to a lot of people, our mind is extremely powerful and starts recording information about ourselves and our world even at the very early stages of our life. This is why a newborn baby can recognize the voice of the mother or anyone who constantly spoke or sang to the baby while still inside the womb! In the same manner, it records any events that caused you discomfort or pain in different ways.

However, while they are recorded in our “hard drive”, we are not yet conscious of them and often we are not able to process these traumas properly to understand them. So, we tend to overlook or forget. However, forgetting and ignoring them does not mean they are erased from our hard drive. Because of this, whenever something similar happens, our whole being is reminded of these traumas, and the old pain is reactivated. We don’t understand why, though, leaving us confused and restless.


In a Past Life Therapy session, you will be guided to travel back in your life to discover and examine occurrences in the past that contribute to the problems and frustrations that you are currently experiencing. Just like replaying a video helps us retrace the events that led to a certain scene, so will looking back in your past life help you to see and identify these events clearly and vividly with the help of Past Life Therapy.


Once the cause is revealed, you will be guided to determining the next logical steps to help resolve your very own troubles. Remember – identifying the root cause of your problem and finding the solutions to them are all in your subconscious mind and the therapy will simply walk you through a guided meditation to help you tap into your mind and reveal the answers. Each one of us is unique and so there are instances when the best solution will have to come from our inner self.


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Past Life Integration Therapy is not a regression, nor is it hypnosis. Clients are fully conscious at all times. They are gently guided to completely resolve their own source traumas resulting in transformed life in the present.


If you are not sure if PLT therapy will works for you, give us a call and let's discuss it together. We will be happy to explain to you what PLT is and what a session is like. We will help you formulate your questions and orient to your session so that when you come in, you’ll be well prepared. You don’t have to schedule an appointment when you call. You can get your questions answered and call back when you are ready.


When you come in, we review your questions and establish a clear focus for the session. You will remain fully alert so that it can process and remember everything from your past. Depending on the type of trauma, you will be guided back into the womb or through a tunnel in time to a significant day in a significant past lifetime. After moving into the significant event at the end of that lifetime, you will find yourself in a state where you can think more clearly about your problems and guided to use what you have seen to answer your own questions.



A past life regression session usually takes from one to three hours. The session itself establishes a deeper connection to your total self-psychological and spiritual–through which information continues to reach your consciousness in the hours, days and weeks that follow. Because of this, we suggest scheduling your session on a day that is free from any commitments.


Try to schedule your session on a day when you are not too busy, so that it is easier to push aside everyday pressures and easier to integrate what you learned afterward. Take a leave from work so you don’t have to think about deadlines; if you are a parent, schedule the therapy ideally on a day when you have childcare.


In Past Life Therapy, you can also be liberated from negative self‐talk and myths that prevent you from succeeding. Because the unconscious mind always overrides the conscious, our goal is to retain the power of the mind and imprint permanent, positive thoughts and behaviors. The major benefit of a Past Life Therapy is that it offers a method that allows people to take responsibility for their health and spiritual evolution.


If you are like most people, it can be hard to believe that the factors to your problems were actually internal conflicts and that you yourself can actually resolve them without the help of mind drugs or the traditional western approach. Let us know your questions about this therapy and we would be more than happy to provide you with answers.

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