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About Irina Maryanchik, EHH-MA, EEM-CP, PLT

My Story

While happily camping 40 miles away from the Chernobyl plant, I was unknowingly exposed to radioactive materials from the infamous disaster in the Ukraine at the age of 16. 


Not only did the catastrophic nuclear accident affect my thyroid, but my entire family has been struggling with health issues due to the disaster ever since.


Growing up in the former USSR, we were indoctrinated into certain ways of thinking. I was taught to give away everything I had: time, energy, possessions, and even my special gifts. 


I was shamed for wanting and expressing my needs and asking for basic material things. I was conditioned to believe that sacrificing myself for my family and country was an indication of high integrity.


In order to survive that environment, I became silent and obedient. 


These deeply embedded beliefs became my reality and created the mindset from which I viewed all aspects of my life. It felt natural to submit to male authority figures. 


My own needs strangled to satisfy theirs. 


These patterns were not limited to my personal and family relationships; they extended to my workplace. Pleasing my bosses was as important to me as pleasing my father and my partners. 


Overworked to the point of exhaustion, I developed chronic fatigue syndrome and an autoimmune condition which affected my ability to generate income. 


At the age of twenty-three, my teeth started to deteriorate, and my gums were in constant pain and bleeding. Not only was I losing my hair, I was living with daily attacks of anxiety, on-going depression, and chronic insomnia.


I ignored those symptoms for years because I was unable to recognize and change them on my own.  


The traditional healthcare system convinced me it could fix me, and I believed it. 


When I finally came to a realization that it was untrue, my body was already severely damaged by the profit-driven medical system, toxic people, and overwhelming emotional pain.


My health challenges forced me to look deeper into an understanding of energy laws that govern all living things, including humans. 


My desire to get answers placed me on a life-long journey of research and experimentation. I became obsessed with finding the truth and looking deeper into the unconscious beliefs that contributed to my poor health. 


I became my own personal therapist.


During this long, difficult journey, I learned about the operating principles of the human machine. I understood that my body has a unique blueprint and its own personal manual. 


I invested my time and money into dozens of transformational training programs and studied with the best, most skilled mentors. They helped me to expand my awareness, eliminate limiting beliefs, accept my karma, and discover my unique purpose.


While going through this process, I had several revelations and synchrinicities, which helped to reveal profound truth about life. Finally, I felt the joy of breaking free of a past that was imprisoning my thoughts and destroying my well-being… my health, wealth and relationships. A new vitality took over and I vowed to dedicate my new-found energy, focus and resources to helping others reclaim their divine birthright. 


In 2005, I founded Healing Globe LLC and began helping clients heal their chronic health conditions, lose weight, improve relationships, let go of their self-distractive beliefs, and find their own source of power. 


Human Design System helped me realize my own power and begin to love my life as a true Projector with Ego Authority. I use my openness and sensitivity to help people “see" what they cannot “see” in themselves. 


Living my own design brought new meaning into my life and helped me to connect with other human beings on a much deeper level. 


Today, I am blessed to witness the transformation of my clients’ lives as they heal their traumas. It is an honor to have the opportunity to guide those who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and are willing to step out of their comfort zones to find their purpose. This is the most gratifying experience for me. 


My mission is to help people deepen and enhance their human experience and connect with their passion. I help them rebuild their health, so they can create anything they want, including profitable, passion-infused businesses.

"My energy level went up and the mental fogginess cleared. Now, six sessions later, my digestive problems are completely gone and I feel better than I have in a long time.

Irina is extremely knowledgeable, kind, approachable and a gifted healer. She makes one feel at ease and reassures us of the power we all have to help our bodies heal."

~ Maria Fraga, Student, New York 

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