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About Irina Maryanchik, EHH-MA, EEM-CP, PLT

My Story

At the age of 16, I was exposed to radioactive materials from the Chernobyl disaster while camping 40 miles away from the plant. This incident not only impacted my thyroid, but also caused ongoing health issues for my entire family.


Growing up in the former USSR, I was taught to selflessly give away everything I had, including my time, energy, possessions, and talents. Expressing my own needs and desires was seen as shameful, and sacrificing for my family and country was considered virtuous.


To adapt to this environment, I became obedient and silent. These ingrained beliefs shaped my perspective on life, leading me to submit to male authority figures and neglect my own needs. These patterns extended to my work life, where pleasing my bosses became as important as pleasing my father and partners.


The resulting chronic fatigue syndrome and autoimmune condition affected my energy and wellbeing. As I entered my twenties, my teeth deteriorated, my gums were constantly painful and bleeding, and I experienced hair loss, anxiety, depression, and chronic insomnia.


Despite these symptoms, I was unable to recognize and address them for many years. I relied on the traditional healthcare system, which ultimately failed to provide a solution. This led me to explore energy laws and embark on a journey of self-healing.


I invested into numerous transformational training programs and learned from the world's renown teachers and mentors. Through this process, I gained a deeper understanding of the forces in the human body and discovered my own unique purpose.


Along the way, I experienced revelations and synchronicities that revealed profound truths about life. Breaking free from my past, I regained my well-being and made a commitment to help others do the same. In 2005, I founded Mutation2027, where I assist clients in healing chronic health conditions, improve personal and business relationships, overcome self-sabotage and thrive on the material plane.

The Human Design System has empowered me to embrace my own unique design and live as a true Projector using my beautiful Ego Authority. By utilizing my openness and sensitivity, I help people uncover aspects of themselves that they may not see on their own.


Living in alignment with my own design has given my life new meaning and deepened my connections with others. Witnessing the transformation of my clients' lives as they heal their traumas is an honor, and I am dedicated to guiding those who seek a deeper understanding of themselves and are willing to step out of their comfort zones to find their soul's purpose. My mission is to support people in maximizing their human potential,

I work with young women who's past traumas destroyed their life force. I help them rebuild themselves and become even stronger so they can empowering themselves and others.

Irina M.

"My energy level went up and the mental fogginess cleared. Now, six sessions later, my digestive problems are completely gone and I feel better than I have in a long time.

Irina is extremely knowledgeable, kind, approachable and a gifted healer. She makes one feel at ease and reassures us of the power we all have to help our bodies heal."

~ Maria Fraga, Student, New York 

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