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Discover Your Ideal Place to Live

Discover Your Ideal Place to Live

What type of environment makes you feel safe, inspired and motivated? 

We all have different views on what our ideal environment would look and feel like and many times our body naturally gravitates to these places. 

In this lecture you will learn about the environment layer of the Human Design System that is hidden in the "variable" substructure of your chart. Residing in the unconscious side of your design, it speaks to how your body takes in information from the external environment. 

Understanding the significance of your Human Design environment gives you insight into where your body feels most stable and relaxed. The more stable you feel in your environment, the more you’ll be able to hear your intuition, tune into your authority, and have access to the unlimited supply of creativity and inspiration. 

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Location: Kapi Kapi, Chirripo, Costa Rica

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