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Introduction to the Human Design System

Introduction to the Human Design System

Human Design takes the great teachings of the I-Ching, Ayurveda, astrology, genetics, Kabbalah, and modern-day science, combining them to show us the genetic-mechanics of spirit taking form. Through charts of individualized genetic information, you are given an energetic map of your uniqueness, allowing you to access and activate your gifts and purpose to the world. Human Design empowers you to harness unseen energy, to know your Design is to understand how you connect with others and the changing world around you.

HUMAN DESIGN is mapping your natural state of being, your gifts and talents, and the ideal way of their manifestation in the world. The nine energy Centers in the Human Design bodygraph are organs of perception. Each allows us to experience a certain area of human life. This Introductory class will help you to:

- Meet a self-empowered part of yourself and embrace the inner resources
- Discover your energy type and personal authority
- Explore the Nine Energy Centers and their operation in a healthy and unhealthy state
- Make the correct decisions that bring to expansion and abundance
- Utilize your assets: natural gifts and talents that you can trust when it comes to decision making
- Know which partner and which job is correct for you based on your energy type
- Eliminate resistance, anger, and frustration from your life
- Accept yourself as you are

Location: Kapi Kapi, Chirripo, Costa Rica

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