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Human Design gives you the information you need to start living joyfully and intentionally, to find strength and abundance so you can thrive no matter what's going on around you. Human Design has helped people learn to love themselves, improve their self-esteem, live authentically, and act with awareness, deliberation, and courage.


With Human Design you learn to leverage your energy correctly to avoid becoming overwhelmed, despairing, and burned out. Human Design shows you how you understand and “know” things, and it teaches you how to honor and express your feelings so you are never a victim of emotional pain and suffering again.

A synthesis of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the Hindu chakra system, and quantum physics, Human Design is a relatively new science of self-discovery. The entire system was transmitted to Robert Alan Krakower during a mystical experience in Ibiza, Spain, from January 3–11, 1987. A voice told him that this system was crucial to helping people on the planet make vital shifts in consciousness for the evolution of mankind. Krakower emerged from this experience a changed man, and soon after he changed his name to Ra Uru Hu.


Ra was told that while he was one of few people who consciously received the information about Human Design, the energy of the system was transmitted to all of us, and it belongs to all of humanity. He was a reluctant messenger and mystic, but he spent the rest of his life sharing the theory of Human Design.


His courage has helped people discover who they really are, what they are here to do, and how they can go about living an authentic and abundant life. Human Design is not a religion. It doesn't matter whether you come from a Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or metaphysical background. Knowing your Human Design simply helps you know how to become the person you were created to be in an easy and joyful way.


Though the Human Design system is complex, and it can take years to learn how to create a body graph and chart on your own, the ideas behind the system are actually pretty simple. Your personal Human Design body chart, calculated from your birth data, gives you very specific knowledge about your personality traits, your health, your personal psychology, your talents, your wisdom, and your vulnerabilities. Once you discover your unique energies, and you are able to differentiate between the energy you create versus the energy you absorb from the world around you, you can start immediately making powerful decisions that will help you create a life that is in alignment with who you truly are.


This course will show you how you can realize your inner authority about what is correct for your unique life. In class 1, we will cover the basics of Human Design—what it is and how you can begin to read your chart to effect change in your life from day one. In classes 2-5, we'll look at types, centers, and profiles. These are three key aspects of Human Design. And in class 6, we'll put it all together and go out into the world with this new perspective.


Human Design is not about changing yourself. It simply gives you the tools to journey back to a deeper understanding of your gifts, your wisdom, your drive, and your vulnerabilities, which can set you free from old, self-defeating patterns of thinking and the judgment of others. It gives you a new perspective so you can see the beauty and magnificence of who you truly are. When you understand yourself, you can make choices about your life that are in alignment with your true nature.


When you work with your true nature, your life becomes a much smoother ride. And once you approach life with ease, you get to live out the beauty of your true self! It's all connected.


The knowledge of your Human Design will set you free and give you the information and the confidence to live a life without limits and find your perfect place in the puzzle of humanity.


To begin, get your free chart HERE. Once you have entered your data, you will receive your chart within 24 hours. Then get ready for the journey of your life!




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