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Discover how to flow through your life with ease, creating success in your family, business, career, and in your personal life!


This private 30-minute Human Design phone consultation focuses on your Type and Authority, your defined energy centers, your potential, your challenges, and your unique gifts. You will also receive a beautifully created 12-20-page chart interpretation that reveals the human you were born to be. 


You understand your strengths and discover a person you were born to be!


During this private call, you will have an opportunity to connect with your purpose,  You will also learn about your dilemmas and potential. These solutions are not meant to fix or change you, but rather to help strengthen your understanding of yourself as a unique individual.


As a part of this special bundle, you will also receive a free HUMAN DESIGN BEGINNER"S GUIDE, Valued $25, 


Learn about yourself in intimate detail while being handed the answers to master your life's journey. Order your HUMAN DESIGN SUCCESS BUNDLE TODAY  and receive your SPECIAL BONUS: 


How To Create A Passion Driven Business ($97.00 VALUE)
















All of us are designed to flourish in a specific environment. While some people feel inspired when they are alone, other people give birth to new ideas while sharing them with the group of friends.


  • What makes you unique, employable, and recognized in the business world?

  • How do you want to thrive on the material plane?

  • How to bring out your unique skills and talents that empower other people?

  • How can you make a living using genetic blueprint in a way that feels successful, satisfying, and creates the enjoyment and an element of surprise?


How to Create a Passion-Driven Business” can greatly assist you if you are looking to start your own business, change careers, or develop leadership skills that utilize your personal strengths, talents, and gifts.  This Workbook will help you:


  • Become aware of your hidden passions and financial potential 

  • Discover what is distracting you from achieving success and holding you back

  • Learn specific ways to connect with your deepest desires 

  • Use your unique skills to promote your products or services

Here's what you receive on your Human Design Success Bundle:


  1. Human Design Beginner's Guide ($25 Value). This easy guide takes you through the key concepts of the Human Design System.  Most of us simply cannot imagine living a life without worry. However, it’s a lot closer and a lot easier than you think. This e-book is your starting point towards self- awareness and self-realization. You don’t need any training, you don’t need any techniques or meditations, you don’t even need to be happy with your life, and you certainly don’t need to be clever to start this journey. This knowledge is for anyone. All you really need is your own willingness to be honest with yourself.

  2. A 30-minute Private Reading (over the phone) ($120 Value) where we will focus on discussing major activations in your Human Design Chart, identify your gifts, talents, and life's purpose. 

  3. A 12-page Chart Interpretation Report that reveals your personal Strategy, Authority, Energy Type, and Incarnation Cross. ($30 Value)

  4. Your Human Design Blueprint and a list of conscious and unconscious activations in your design.

  5. Your Energy Type described in great detail and 3 fastest ways to take advantage of your strengths. ​

  6. Unconscious sides of your design and blocks that you may be unaware of.

  7. Negative conditioning you are likely to have and how to operate in a way to be aware of it.

  8. How to make correct decisions and be in agreement with who you are.

  9. Explanation of your unique purpose and how it can be fulfilled.

  10. Your Electromagnetic Aura and how it operates and shifts based on your type and your environment.

  11. BONUS Workbook "How to Create a Passion-Driven Business".  It's 100% for FREE for you today! ($97 Value)


I look forward to working with you! Click HERE to start getting to know yourself! 


Irina Maryanchik

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The Human Design Success Bundle is Valued $272

Today Only!

It's yours TODAY only: $98

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Human design, testimony, customer review

"Irina had this true desire to have me understand my own power of being a Reflector – the most uncommon of all the Human Design types. The Human Design system is very deep and there’s a lot of information to grasp. She broke down the teachings into bite-sized pieces to take it step by step. Then guided me to see how it actually applied in my life through self-reflection exercises. 


Underneath it all, I felt her big, open heart and her own knowledge of how this could really help me live a more balanced life. One where I’m more at peace within myself. And out of that, where I can step fully into the role that a Reflector is here to play for others. 


One huge insight was that I thought I had a fear of being visible. And I could see how much I’d played small in my life. Turns out, a Reflector is afraid of being Invisible! We so often become the thing we fear the most. That was a huge opening for me.

Thank you Irina for waking me up to new awareness about who I am and what my true potential is. 


~ Linda Kaun, Inner Leadership Coaching


(Valued $25.00)



human design, beginners guide, human design book

Most of us simply cannot imagine living a life without worry. However, it’s a lot closer and a lot easier than most of us think. What’s more, the journey towards acceptance is something of an adventure.


You don’t need any training, you don’t need any techniques or meditations, you don’t even need to be happy with your life, and you certainly don’t need to be clever. This knowledge is for anyone. All you really need is your own willingness to be honest with yourself.

The knowledge contained in this e-book is a real tease. It will reflect back to you where your real genius lies, and you may have to compare that genius to where you are now. Human Design shows you how to live in a state of optimum health, even though you may still get ill. It may make you laugh or cry when you embrace your emotions and your relationships. But above all, it shows you how to find love deep within yourself, as well as the courage to stand fast in this love, no matter what life may throw at you.


Your HUMAN DESIGN CHART contains the exact content of your life, your distinctive life experiences and those you’ve met (and will meet). It also tells you about your Type and Authority, as well as the ‘mechanics’ behind your actions. Hearing this information for the first time is an incredible experience and can be shocking. You will recognize the deep truth about yourself when you hear it. From the moment of your chart interpretation, you will discover essential principles that give you practical guidance in your life and help you live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

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