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As we enter the Holiday Season, traditionally a time associated with goodwill, joy, and celebration, we notice that our world is changing, becoming less stable, where everything is moving faster by the minute.


Are we likely to get lost in the uncertainty of these changes, or is there a way to stay calm and know how to take advantage of these challenges while maximizing every opportunity that comes your way?


This year Irina offers her Human Design Chart Reading Special, a private 75 minutes Human Design Reading that will not only set your spirit and mind at ease, but also give you a solid certainty in every aspect of your life.


Would you like to have the inner certainty that you don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances? 


That your purpose, your happiness, your and success potential are stronger than external conditioning of the world. 


No matter what challenges the world presents that, I want you to know you that you have the power within you to move forward on your path with inner clarity and authority. 


The truth is, we were born into this world with an innate essence, a core knowledge that gives us purpose and guides our lives. 


The issue is that we lose touch with this core inner knowledge and stop trusting ourselves. As we grow older, we begin to imitative other people and allow ourselves by impacted by the outside forces


We learn from our teachers, parents, and colleague, we face pressures from other people and from society as a whole, that impact our choices and influence our ideas about how we think we should to live lives. And after a while, that unique inborn essence gets forgotten as we become products of our environment. 

As a result, we begin to trust these outside forces rather than listening to our own innate guidance system. We stop trusting our own innovative ideas and disconnect from what we instinctively know to be right for ourselves. 


The danger is that we can become over-reactive rather than creative and purposeful, unconsciously responding to life events, in automatic ways that may take us even further off our life's purpose. 


When this happens, we begin to experience resistance which creates struggle and disappointment.


In these fast-paced, constantly changing environment, right now is your time to reconnect with your true inner purpose and discover who you really are so you begin to experience the life you really desire! You know in your heart that this kind of life is waiting for you!


A life without Struggle.  A life in a Flow with the Universe!


It all starts from discovering your True Nature in your Human Design Reading.


Click HERE to learn more about the Human Design System.


Do you have more questions or want to customize your Reading? Schedule a phone call with me, to get your questions answered.



Irina Maryanchik

Discover how to navigate through your life, creating success in your family, business, career, and in your personal relationships!


This 75-minute Human Design private consultation focuses on your Type and Authority, your life’s purpose, your potential, your challenges, and your unique abilities. It's a beautifully created 20-29-page chart interpretation that reveals the human you were born to be.


Learn about yourself in intimate detail while being handed the answers to master your life's journey. Order your HUMAN DESIGN  READING Today and receive your FREE BONUS: "Human Design Beginner's Guide".


This guide will help you understand your personal blueprint and discover a person you were born to be in this lifetime. 


During this consultation, you will discover your live's purpose, and unique gifts and talents. You will also learn about your dilemmas and potential. These solutions are not meant to fix or change you, but rather to help strengthen your understanding of yourself as a unique individual.


Here is what you will receive:


  • 75-minute phone consultation where we will focus on discussing major activations in your chart, identify your gifts, talents, and life's purpose. I will also answer your questions associated with your chart. This consultation includes the following:  

    • Your Human Design Chart blueprint and a list of conscious and unconscious activations in your design.

    • How to make correct decisions and be in agreement with who you are.

    • Your Human Design Type described in great detail.

    • The interpretations of your energy centers that make up you as a human machine with the detailed explanation of how you operate within space and time.

    • Your negative conditioning and how to develop yourself to be in harmony and become more successful in business and in personal relationships.

    • Your potentially negative thought patterns and mental traits that sabotage your flow of abundance.

    • You will understand physical unconscious sides of your design that you may be unaware of,

    • You will discover easier, more efficient ways to navigate through your life without meeting resistance.

    • A detailed description of the negative conditioning you are likely to have in life and how to operate in a way to avoid this conditioning. 

    • Explanation of your unique purpose and how it can be fulfilled.

    • Biological correspondences to organs and systems in your physical body.

    • Your electromagnetic aura and how it operates based on your type.


I look forward to working with you! Click HERE to start getting to know yourself! 


Offer Expires at 11:59 pm 

December 31, 2018

"Irina had this true desire to have me understand my own power of being a Reflector – the most uncommon of all the Human Design types. The Human Design system is very deep and there’s a lot of information to grasp. She broke down the teachings into bite-sized pieces to take it step by step. Then guided me to see how it actually applied in my life through self-reflection exercises. 


Underneath it all, I felt her big, open heart and her own knowledge of how this could really help me live a more balanced life. One where I’m more at peace within myself. And out of that, where I can step fully into the role that a Reflector is here to play for others. 


One huge insight was that I thought I had a fear of being visible. And I could see how much I’d played small in my life. Turns out, a Reflector is afraid of being Invisible! We so often become the thing we fear the most. That was a huge opening for me.

Thank you Irina for waking me up to new awareness about who I am and what my true potential is. 


~ Linda Kaun, Inner Leadership Coaching

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 7.24.45 AM.png

"The information that Irina shared with me during my Human Design reading session was simply mind-blowing! For the first time in my life I was able to understand why I see things differently and why others can't see the way I see life... it's because I simply have the ability see through challenges as my 5 of 6 centers are open and activated.


I was able to find out how to be of service with others: family, relationships, friends, work, society and community in such a way that would be most beneficial for everyone involved. I was able to know why I love helping others and this session has helped me determine the most important reason why I came here on this planet – My Life's Purpose! 

Every single information shared was amazingly accurate. I was able to digest every aspect of what she shared because she provided simple, clear and realistic examples in the process. I would encourage everyone to get your Human Design reading with Irina – it's transformational, accurate and life-changing! Now I truly have “my guide” so I can live my life to the fullest!"

Ariel Gamboa Bumanlag, Co-founder of

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